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Towards Flodden – successful opening performances

Posted on Sep 11, 2013 in News

While we had wanted to share the performance at the actual location we really thought Branxton Field would be a wash out… imagined four actors and a director in a small, soggy marquee with a grass floor, a number of deck chairs and a few people aimlessly wandering around.

But no!  The sun was shining in a wonderful blue sky, we were in the large marquee with a wooden floor and chairs in a field of beautiful clover and we had between 50 and 60 people who had come especially, despite the road being blocked out of Coldstream with an over turned lorry.  People were enthralled, and David Napthine compared it all leaving the audience with a cliff hanger!

Later on, Lady Waterford Hall looked glorious in the early evening sunshine and we had an audience of 45 who were enthusiastic about the performance with lights, sound and atmosphere barely noticing that we had scripts in hand.  It went really well with Robin & Carol Butler writing in the visitor book for Lady Waterford Hall ….‘Powerful, poignant production. Much enjoyed. Thank you.’

We are all looking forward to the performances in Selkirk and Neidpath Castle (Peebles) on 13th September and the other dates on 20th (Yetholm) and 21st (Coldstream).

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