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Positive “Towards Flodden” Feedback Reported!

Posted on Jan 17, 2014 in News

This letter below was printed in the Southern Reporter newspaper on the 26th September 2013. It comes from one of the many who attended and enjoyed a performance of Towards Flodden, The Script.

“I trust I am writing on behalf of the very many people who, over the past two weeks, have attended a performance of “Towards Flodden” given by the recently-established Treading The Borders Theatre Company.

All of us, I’m sure, were impressed by the energy, enthusiasm, and professionalism of all involved.

This locally-written play was no mere historical re-enactment. This was about more than the tragedy of Flodden. Here was the horror and futility of all wars laid bare. The universal soldier, the weariness of the combatants, the position of women in time of war – they say farewell to their men and then they await their return, or not. And while they wait, the fear of being abused by the victors.  Many will say that we already know all this, that we have heard it all before. But nations never learn and we need to keep hearing it. This play doesn’t hold back in the telling.

To watch the performance in Wauchope Hall, Yetholm, was especially poignant.  On the wall beside me was the board with the names of the town’s First World War fallen – the pity of war for all to see. 

My understanding is that there are plans to develop this production with a view to taking it to other parts of the country. I wish it well – this is a serious play from a seriously good theatre company. “

Yours sincerely

Dr Malcolm Morrison
Melrose Literary Society